Heavy Metal Studio Discography
A TO Z mp3 collection
This is an amazing collection of all the complete studio discographies of
all the major metal bands available up to date. All cds were digitally
transferred to mp3 with the highest 320 kbps quality.

You'll find a total of 234 bands/singers with all the studio releases of that
band/singer (according to wikipedia, so you can check the albums there).
Also, there are live recordings, greatest hits, box sets, anniversary
editions, remasters, collectors editions, deluxe editions with bonus tracks
and bonus discs, rare and unreleased material, a large number of
Japanese CD releases, singles collections and much more...

All files will be in
1TB external hard drive (total size of this collection is
652 GB/6,533 folders/64,162 files) Total Albums are 4,900/Total cds 5,567
All files are ID Tag (Artist, Title, Album, Track, Genre, Year & Front Album
Cover Image) for easy access.

Here's the list with all the bands/singers. If you'd like to see an specific
just message me
Djmixerxl@yahoo.com to send you a screen shot of all the
This is the ultimate METAL music library collection!!!!!!!!!